Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For People Attending the Houston Concert

Hi everyone! Figured I'd make a little list of some of our favorite places in Houston, including places to eat. I’ll try to add more later, but this is all I could think of. :)

Goode Company BBQ - http://goodecompany.com/our-restaurants/goode-company-bar-b-q/locations/8911-katy-frwy.html
8911 Katy Frwy
Houston, Texas 77024
713 464-3849

This is our favorite place ever! As you can tell from the name, it's a BBQ place, with the best meat (and potato salad!) we've ever found in Houston! I highly recomend going there, espically if you're not from the south. Inside there's many cowboy/Texas artifacts, such as a stuffed buffalo, old horse saddles, and longhorn heads.
Taste of Texas - http://tasteoftexas.com/restaurant.php
10505 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024
713.932.6901 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting  

Best. Steak. Ever.
Need I say more?  Taste of Texas is amazing. A bit pricy, but defiently somewhere I’d recommend! Has a great Southern feel to it, from all the d├ęcor. end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Ninfas - (couldn't find an official site -- will look more later)
14737 Memorial DR
Houston, TX 77079
281 497-5100

This is just a chain Tex-Mex restaurant, but the food is actually really good!  It’s a great place to go if you need a quick dinner, because the service is almost always very fast!

Tourist Atractions
(I guess you’d call ‘em that!)

Well, to be honest, there's not much that's exciting to see in Houston... :P But we were able to come up with a small list!

First off, there's all the museums, all of which are very nice. We enjoy the Natural Science Museum, which currently has an exhibit on Texas! Also, the Health Museum currently has an exhibit on Star Wars, for any fans out there!

I guess the main attraction here is Space Center Houston, which is the tourist attraction for the NASA Space Center. I didn't know until recently, but apparantly when many people think of Houston they think of rockets and NASA! (mom thought I was pretty crazy for not knowing this!) The space center has many interactive exhibits and is very informational! My guess is that Libera will go here during some time off!

Our newly built City Centre has just about everything! Restaurants, shops, a gym, and even a movie theater! It’s a bit upscale, but a nice place to go for lunch and shopping, or just to kill some time!

There are more museumes and some nice parks to walk around in down town, including all the art museums and the Holocaust Museum. Links to those can be found either on the link above, or just by Googleing them. Hope this helps!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Libera in the USA! Summer 2011

I'm back! Libera is having their 2011 summer tour right now! They're back in the US, and will be touring some central and southern states between July 27th and August 9th! :D Very excited!! They'll be making stop in Minneapolis, MN, St Paul, MN, Chicago, IL, St Louis, MO, Frisco (Dallas), TX, and.... Houston, TX! My own city! I am overjoyed by that! The tour started last night, with a terrific show in Minneapolis, which I heard went very well!
I'll only be attending the Texas shows, but so excited!!! :) Hope to see some of ya'll there!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hamilton Review!!

I'm now home in Texas, after seeing Libera in Hamilton! As some of you
might've seen I was going pretty crazy before, during, and after the concert,
and I'm pretty much still like that now. We, my aunt, uncle, and their exchange
student Marielly from Brazil, and I, arrived at the church much later than
planned, at about 6:45. I jumped out of the car and skipped/twirled/ran to the
end of the huge line outside. On my way down I ran into a few A/V and forum
members, as well as some new fans, many of whom said "wow! Look! You can get
Libera sweatshirts!" Ah, nope, but you can make them, haha. We ran into a bunch
of people my aunt and uncle knew in line, from various choirs, school,
etc. After about 10 minutes of dieing (or waiting, as everyone else would call
it) my uncle and I went to see if premium ticket holders could go in early. It
was a yes! I ran back down to get my aunt and Marielly and we all went inside. I
bought a program from Lexi who was helping to sell them, then proceded inside
the main area. The man at the door brought us to the first few rows and said we
could sit anywhere there. I saw some decent spots 3 rows back on the left side
and started to walk over there. Passing the front row I saw many fans I knew,
and was then offered a seat! I couldn't believe it! thank you so much to all of
ya'll who helped me get that seat, it was perfect. The other 3 members of my
group ended up sitting in the spots I'd originaly seen. I had a nice time
chatting with the people around me (Heather and her mom, Tom, Paul, Patrick,
etc.), I just hope I didn't annoy ya'll too much! Anyways, shortly after that
the concert began. As the first few boys walked out on stage I started shaking
even harder than before, doing anything I could with my hands to not accidentaly
smack my neighbors in the face from excietment. They began the Jubliate/Libera
chain and I just sat there with this huge cheesy grin on my face, that didn't
leave the whole time! I was able to make eye contact with several of the boys -
Daniel and Matthew Jansen in particular.  I also noticed some of them eyeing my
I love Libera hoodie and cowboy boots as the lights turned on. All of the songs
were phenomonal, and all the soloists were perfect! I sat through the first
half, mesmorized, just staring at the boys. When it was half time, or the
interval as they say, I got up to chat with the fans some more, and went to walk
around. On my way to get some water I accidentaly walked into Callum, who was
walking very fast towards the way I had just come. It was kind of funny
actually, because I was like "Oh! Sorry! My goodness, I'm so sorry!" and he
responded with "It's fine." then walked away. I also got to exhange a few words
with Big Ben, thanking him for the concert, etc. When the second half started I
was just as bad as I was before! When Song of Life began I was doing everything
I could to not sing along, including mouthing the words, covering my mouth, and
what not. It was just so beautiful, and made me cry! Going Home was amazing.
Daniel looked at me almost the whole time (or it looked like it, at least!). 
After the concert I really enjoyed talking to everyone! Sorry about the picture
thing with my uncle, I honestly had no idea what was going on.. but for anyone
reading this in the picture I won't post it! Also, thanks to Yuki from Japan for
showing me her Miracle of Life CD! It was so beautiful! Hopefully it will be for
sale in the US soon. On the drive home from the concert I couldn't help but shed
a tear. This might be my last Libera concert for a long while. Hopefully it
won't, but that's what my mom has said. Thanks to everyone who helped make this
trip special for me! I owe it to ya'll!

Pictures to come when I get home from school! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

No internet here, really.. but the concert was great!

Hi all! Only time for a short upadate, as my computer won't connect to the internet!!

I got here safe and  sound, and have had a fantastic time!

The concert was amazing, and I'd love to thank some of my awesome friends from teh forum for helping me get a spot on the front row! Ya'll rock!!

I'm sure everyone's heard about [revious concerts, so I won't hit too much on the songs right now, but I want to say that akk the boys were in tip top shape, and I didn't hear a single missed note! Daniel was extra smiley, or so it seemed, and Mini James was just too adorable!

That's all for now, more to come Monday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leaving for the airport!

Hello everyone!!!!!! Just woke up, so I'm still exhausted after a late night last night, but I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I have a 10:15 AM flight straight to Toronto, and it's only 3 hours long! Very short compared to my ost recent 8 and a half hour one! I hope I'm not forgetting anything! Have all my electronics, my clothes, homework, 50 million US History flash cards, choir music to practice for the solo I want (Jenai, Alex, if ya'll are reading this, it's mine! hehehehe!) my TICKETS! (sealed in an envelope!), and my CDs! Gotta leave now! See some of ya'll tomorrow! I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!11 eeeeeekkkss! :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

4 days to go!

Blogging from school right now, where I'm getting a ton of work to do on my trip.. but  WOW! I can't believe it! Only 4 days until the concert, and 3 until I leave! :D I'm getting really excited!!! I've started my packing now, since I won't need any of my clothes until then, as I wear a uniform, and I've also started making a list for my carry on! Well, the bell is about to ring for lunch, more comming soon!! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leaving in one week!

Hello all! In exactly a week for tomorrow I set off for Canada! :D I'm really excited!!
I think I'm going to be changing how I post on here a little bit, as in not doing super long posts at the end of the trip, but doing little updates when ever I can! I think this will help me to remember to update inbetween sight seeing, the concert, etc. ! My grandparents are comming in this weekend, so I'll begin packing after they leave! Super excited for flying alone :D Espically since it'll be out of the country!!

It's currently 8 days 22 hours and 31 minutes and 26 seconds !! :D YAY!

I made a countdown clock to help pass the time, and I've been looking at it all day just waiting!! For anyone who is interested: http://www.time55.com/countdown/?y=2011&m=apr&d=22&h=19&mi=30&t=Libera-t55in-t55Hamilton-1t2t5&yn=&c=bu&mc=2

bye for now!